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Concerned your salespeople aren't up for the challenges they face?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Worried About Your Salespeople Learning the Skills They Need to Survive and Thrive?

It shouldn’t be surprising that most hotel managers are concerned that their current salespeople do not have the sales skills and habits needed for their hotel to survive and thrive in this current pandemic environment. And those brand-required sales courses just aren’t providing what’s really needed.

The Problem Is NOT Training Content…It’s How It’s Delivered, Retained and Converted into Actions

One needs to start by understanding the basics of how people really learn new habits and skills. It’s obvious that traditional sales workshops, seminars and webinars aren’t the answer. ES Research Group, in their extensive research on sales training, coined a term that pretty much says it all: “The 120-Day Curse: Between 85% - 90% of sales training has no lasting impact greater than 120 days.” The reality is that 120 days is probably overstated.

But first, from an ROI perspective, think about the fact that billions (ATD/The Association for Talent Development estimated that over $20 Billion is spent annually on sales training and that, on average, over $2,000/person/year is invested in this training) are spent every year to improve their sales team’s skills and habits and do the math.

Some additional facts about how people really learn new habits and skills:

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve:

  • Within 20 minutes, a person will retain 58% of what they’ve heard

  • Within 1 hour, it’s 44%

  • Within 1 day, it’s 33%

  • Within 1 month, it’s 21%

Gartner research shows:

  • B2B salespeople forget 70% of the information they learn within a week of training

  • Within a month of training, B2B sales reps forget 87% of the information they learn

Feeling a bit exasperated that it doesn’t feel like there are any good options available to help your sales team, and your hotel’s chances of surviving the pandemic, and thriving in the post-Covid-19 recovery are being threatened?

What Is Sales Training?

I like the definition of sales training from Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group: “Sales training is the process of improving skills, knowledge and attributes to drive seller behavioral change and maximize sales success. To be most effective, sales training should be viewed, designed and executed as a change management initiative.” And “The most effective sales training focuses on true behavior change. Skills need to be learned, absorbed and applied on the job.”

If you'd like to learn more about Star Performance, Inc. and our sales training processes, let's get in touch! We would love to show you how our systems are designed to help your team not only learn new sales techniques, but to retain and apply them to prospecting, engaging and selling.

We also suggest taking our sales assessment to figure out what skills your team currently holds, and what they can do to see real progress.

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